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Wooden house design project

We project wooden house using an high quality of materials and products. Our design includes also garden structures, open space, bungalow, chalet, design for sport facilities, commercial activity with a good value for money.

Wooden house is surely more and more appreciate for its esthetic characteristic and quality life indoor.

Wood in its quality perception is a warmth and humidity controller, and thus regulates the interior climate. it has no need for a dryng so the construction time is faster and the house is immediately habitable. The quality of the facilities that we offer have a low thermal trasmittance value. Energy saving is 5 times greater than a concrete house.



As you see from the picture above we can put a plaster on wood, in this way will have the appeareance of a traditional concrete or masonry, but with all the qualities of the wood. in addition, the plaster will protect  the wood from atmospheric agents.

An optimal design

Our designers customize the wooden houses according to specific needs, including innovative ideas. In design of wooden loft for an international competion we have created a particular project, in this way we can see like in projects wood there may be several esthetic solution.
Not only aesthetic but also functionality and solidity. It's necessary need to know how to treat the wood, to know its quality, its advantages but also its limitations, so to you can better protect.

Is not the fault of the wood if we often see items in ruins, that make us think that the concrete is better, but rather to a wrong design



With a wooden house can have a very high insulation both winter and in summer greatly lowering energy consumption. In many cases the wood allows to totally eliminate the consumption of energy and use the "passive system". The high thickness of the walls and the insulation used.


Other facilities

The work that we propose may include minor structures such as bungalows, gazebos, various furnishings. each element can be customized according to your needs. With wood you can save on construction time and processing.