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  Designer lighting for interior & outdoor


The light draws transforms, and often provides better value to the facilities and the surrounding space. Through the light we can create many different effects. Why it is so important to consider all possible parameters that affect its performance. Technical variables, spatial, geometric, aesthetic, historical, etc..

The aesthetic aspects go hand in hand with the technical ones, a good lighting design provides a clear set of steps that a designer should always follow carefully:
1 - Definition of the requirements for visual comfort.
2 - Design of maximum.
3 - Choose the light source.
4 - Choice of the luminaire.
5 - Placement of equipment in the environment.
6 - Check

Our architecture firm projects for indoor and outdoor, houses, villas, hotels, shops, offices, gardens, etc.
We use high quality materials with technologies of new generation and low environmental impact.


Modular covering patterned panels in aluminium with backlighthing option for outdoor and indoor. Customized processing.


New technologies to achieve the pinnacle of design and of functionality. The LED panels are among those that we use in our design.
Their characteristics make them ideal for any job. Consume only 20W per meter with 1 inch of thickness. The light propagates from the sides. is able to have this effect thanks to an inner sheet of aluminum machined by laser. This type of product is made entirely by hand and is an Italian creation.

- Outdoor lights

Outdoor lamps in stone. Aluminium base and wiring with E27 lampholder for fluorescent bulbs or LEDs.

- Indoor lights

Lamp for indoor lighting with texture of fireproof material and galvanized chrome structure.
Lighting and interior design, lamp suspended curved aluminum. Painted or polished aluminum
Ceiling lamp for indoor lighting in extruded aluminum with polycarbonate cover, available in various lengths.
Equipment in anodized aluminum with acrylic side walls. Possibility of customized solutions.