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Landscape and Garden design


We design and build gardens for villas, parks, and businesses. Create your green space large or small.

We wish to reaffirm the landscape around us, identify with the spaces that we live every day. We like to think of land as a something that needs to be lived in all its fullness, architecture and nature.

We want to give a representation of the new possibilities offered by the landscape design, with a focus on social and environmental effects that are as relevant as possible to the real needs of those who live there.
We mean the garden not as pure, even if important, place to spend some 'time to relax, read the paper or play, but also as a place that represents the new city.

The garden is like a modern small paradise who in time is always more appreciate.It 's like an old monument in the urban fabric that is beginning to penetrate not only the material aspects but also the evanescent unconscious world, accustoms people to think in a certain way, where the small paradise becomes necessary and important for improvement of city life.


In our landscape design we create spaces with natural stones worked by skilled Italian artisans skilled in creating artifacts from travertine and basaltino. Each solution can be customized. Unique and artistic creations that only these hard-working artisans are able to offer.

 Elegant furnishing solutions for gardens resistant to any kind of mechanical stress and weather, studied for each type of requirement.

The solutions we have proposed here are also suitable to create a pleasant living environment.

The choice of plants in a design is related to many factors that may be related to the theme of the garden and its function; use their color might be a way, their shape, the smell, the seasonal change, etc.
In the picture you can see some essences. From left to right:
- the azalea japonica, with shrubs that reach 0.60 to 1.20 mt, with flowers that bloom from late April to late May, both blue and orange.
- The  cornus florida, h 2 to 3.5 meters, deciduous shrub with pink or red flowers in May.
- Cypress black clutch (cupressus semprevirens pyramidalis) that belongs to the family of conifers, an evergreen very slender.
- Family of roses bush (Floribunda and Polyantha) with height up to 0.70 mt; in this case we chose the dark red.

A new concept of the pool, as well as the traditional ones, which fits perfectly in your own garden. Becoming a sort of oasis where technology blends with the natural solutions.We can get different pools of various shapes, all made with a very solid structure having an elastic waterproofing superior to traditional swimming pools.
We use new materials with low environmental impact but with a higher resistance to the structural concrete of 50%, a greater resistance to UV rays, the ice and to chemicals. In fact, the pool is carried out without performing masonry or cast concrete, these operations that are invasive to the environment.

Natural effect
A key feature of the pools that we propose is the system of filtration and sterilization of water through natural mineral water producing magnesium hydroxide releasing a natural chlorine which has beneficial effects on the skin. The treated water and diluted in the right proportion can be used to water the garden without causing any environmental damage. In addition, through these filters you get a considerable savings in terms of water consumption.


Roof garden

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The solutions of roof gardens are of various kinds and all have characteristics that make them extremely attractive in their use.
- Allow to increase the thermal and acoustic insulation with the consequent increase of energy saving.
- Protects the cover from bad weather and temperature changes.
- Economically enhances the building.
- Retains dust which are harmful to people.
- Respects the ecosystem and helps it to re-generate.
- Hold the rainwater (80%).
- The roof garden can also be enjoyable to spend pleasant moments of relax.