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Design architectural theme - themed projects for business

Our architectural firm designs and creates themed furnishing of public places, spectacular interior and exterior renovations of all shapes and sizes. Our planning theme decor works include productions of individual pieces designed for specific needs. We can also build environmental facilities true 1:1 scale.

The design of environments can be represented in a 3d render

Some projects

- Local furniture in Venetian style

This image shows the creation of furnishings that reflect the theme with its Venetian masks and colors.
The large mask placed behind the counter hides an oven.




- Style elements Ancient Rome

In this case were made in a very large scale elements that represent structures of a classic Roman architecture.

Ancient rome architecture


- Furniture Japanese-style gym

In this case we have created a gym with a Japanese-style furnishings.In these building elements we have a polished wooden slats of wood stuck in a square way to the floor. On the wall we have high-quality graphics of washable PVC panels surrounded by a frame made of polished wood and dark squares in glass opaque white.

On the revenue were used doors open type casket made ​​of dark wood and white squares glass opaque white. The second portal instead is a typical entrance big-door open, without doors. It 'was made in a lighter shade of wood, with an amazing impact.

In one part of the room there are recessed into, the real and original Japanese tatami flooring, we can use either as internal to sit in the room and for the use of karate or judo.

Walls decorated with typical decoration in oriental style.


- Decorative elements

Artistic elements made by highly skilled Italian sculptors. Our production also works abroad. We can supply any type of decoration.